RELX Group Client Advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina

Client Advisor


Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

The Client Advisor role focuses on supporting clients in a non-billable capacity to grow adoption and increase success with their CRM and Business Development initiatives, based on the utilization of the LexisNexis (LN) InterAction (IA) solution. The CA role leverages industry experience, expertise and the LN ecosystem (Product Management, Marketing, Support, Services, etc.) to grow customer spend with LN. Additional expectations include but are not limited to:


  1. Leading the Client Engagement motion for upselling existing customers, including prospecting, scoping, negotiating and closing opportunities in conjunction with assigned Account manager

  2. Managing the customer experience and relationship with IA by acting as trusted advisor and relationship owner, maximizing customers’ return on investment by helping firm’s fully leverage LN products and services

  3. Sharing successful best practices, case studies, etc. across industries and geographies on improving the value of IA, both to the individual users as well as the firm as a whole

  4. Providing assistance in developing ROIs, business cases and roadmaps for current usage and future expansion of IA at the firm

  5. Using established tools like the Key Success Indicator Audit, the Maturity Model, Health Checks and other internal applications to share where clients are on the IA Journey and help identify new opportunities within Professional Services and Training.

  6. Relationship Manager: Identify and get to know key roles at the firm (MP, ED, CIO, CMO, BDO, etc.); identify firm strategies and initiatives and articulate how CRM can be an enabler; report on client successes, challenges, activities, meetings, etc. for consumption by the ecosystem, in addition to recording this data into IA activity logs; for Global Accounts, ensure communication and alignment with LNI counterparts to deliver a unified consistent message to the firm; develop reference-able accounts who can promote the value of InterAction to other firms.

  7. Sales Motion: Lead customer through the sales process, conducting required steps in each sales stage; identify buying reasons, what problem they are trying to solve, how they have tried to solve the problem before, why they would do something now vs. waiting and why they would choose us over someone else; create a territory plan for segmenting and managing assigned accounts. Some accounts may require an account plan to share with and engage the LN ecosystem; educate customer on how to buy; understand customer approval and buying process, document plans to close and gain customer agreement

  8. Monitor & improve individual client success using all available tools and processes to include discovery, Key Success Indicators (KSI) Audit, Client Connect, health-checks and assessments

  9. Thought Leadership: Provide content for articles, blogs, and LinkedIn groups to demonstrate domain expertise. Represent company at trade shows and speak at industry events. Contribute to developing, contributing to & maintaining of the best practices tools listed above

  10. Professional Services & Education Scoping: Partner with customers and LN Services to scope the level of effort and training necessary to implement and configure IA to meet the customer’s needs, and articulate ROI of software and services

  11. Software Demonstrations: Although there is pre-sales technical consulting available to assist with demos, the Client Advisor must develop proficiency with presenting & demonstrating IA software and is expected to deliver demonstrations as needed. There is a demonstration certification process each CA is expected to pass.

  12. Leverage Internal Relationships to own the customer experience. Develop symbiotic relationships with the BLSS ecosystem and internal LN divisions to provide effective Client Advising (Marketing, Product Management, Finance, Operations, NARS, LIT, etc.)


  1. Bachelor’s degree

  2. Minimum 5 years of consultative sales experience

  3. Knowledge of the legal industry

  4. Analytical thinker: with the ability to extract key principles from within complex materials. Should demonstrate a flexible approach and the ability to think creatively. Undertake necessary research to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of recommended solutions.

  5. Self-motivated and results driven: will be measured against monthly, quarterly & annual targets and will have to prioritize workload to meet competing demands from customers, management, etc. Must be pro-active in assisting the business to highlight potential problems before they arise. When faced with more complex problems, the CA will make suggestions and discuss across the LN ecosystem to develop solutions.

  6. Soft skills, Presentation and Executive Presence: giving and receiving information effectively and professionally at all levels in a firm, referencing prior experience deploying or developing strategies and business cases in a persuasive credible manner. Effectively drive customers to think differently about their business. Must be able to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner and be able to work effectively in a team environment.

  7. Entrepreneurial attitude: The successful Client Advisor will quickly develop a sense of ownership for the success of their clients. Networking with other divisions of LexisNexis, other software companies & the providers of ancillary services, assisting with the development of a client communications strategy & contributing to strategic decisions about managing the Client Advising program will be important aspects of this position.

  8. Technical literacy will be critical to success in this role. The Client Advisor will need to know or quickly develop an advanced understanding of how to use the systems applicable to the role including InterAction, VMWare, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Word, etc. Knowledge of the technologies used for marketing and business development at professional services firms and other enterprise software systems often integrated with InterAction will also be important.

  9. Ability to travel over 50% of the time