RELX Group Marketing Manager in Dong Cheng District, China

Marketing Manager


Location: Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China

Senior Marketing & Strategy Manager—Beijing

Purpose of the Role:

Initiate for Marketing strategy and plan in China

a) Improve market awareness & customer preference.

b) Build closely relationship with industrial partners.

c) Support product development project, and produce product go to market activities

d) Enable the organization with maximum understanding of customers, prospects and market by implementing proper marketing and business data management and analysis process.

e) Impact marketing and non-marketing business decisions.

f) Lead analytic engagements with users activities on Company platform to support product’s improvement and decision.


• Timely enforcement of Performance Improvement Plan of content force when necessary

• Implement timely check-in on all performance discussions including KPO dialogues, midyear review, SmartPath discussion & year-end discussion

• Cultivate hi-potential as team successor, make the action plan for their growth

• Ensure team member’s KPO aligned with company’s target and team member know about the company strategy and product plan.

• Marketing strategy and planning in PR, branding, industry, products and market share

• Generate leads and Effective Leads quantity

• Revenue increase in marketing segment

• Cooperation between market planning and business objectives

• Budget control and effective of team works

• Customer satisfaction

• Provide accuracy data for product development and marketing trends

• Market publicity effect

• Ensure CDI program is completed accuracy and well reflects marketing, if could provide basis for product development.

• Manage NPS program, maintain update user database, monitor and consolidate verbatim, sharing of NPS score and finding with organization on regular basis.


• Bachelor degree, Marketing related major or MBA

• At least 15 years and above 5 years management experience in Marketing filed

• In depth understanding of the China B2B information provider market, preferably legal information.

• English can be work language

• Open and cheerful character

• Perfect presentation/speech skill

• Excellent Business negotiation ability

• Strong capacity on marketing strategy and intelligence analysis

• Have a strong sensitivity to industry news and Understanding the market dynamics