RELX Group Client Trainer in Bangalore, India

Client Trainer


Location: Bangalore, India

A. Purpose of the Role

The Customer Engagement team will be responsible to engage with the customers from the time the sales team needs to conduct a demo till the time they are on board and making sure that they never leave us and go. They would be involved in engaging with all customer’s, helping the sales team with demos where they are having trouble to help them to close a sale, conducting trainings for the sales team so that they can have a better understanding of the product, and planning and strategizing on how they can add value to the customer.

B. Duties and Responsibilities

Core Accountabilities

Outputs and Agreed Method of Measurement

(How will we know when this has been achieved?)

Customer Engagement

· Interacting with all accounts on a quarterly basis and conducting at least one training yearly for each product subscribed.

· Engaging academic segment with activities

· Designing and circulating customized product/content updates on a monthly basis to increase Product stickiness among clients

Delivering excellent customer service

· Regularly Collecting Customer feedback on Trainings imparted to achieve at least 80% - “Exceeds Expectations” on overall Training quality from the attendees

· Regularly highlighting Customer feedback to concerned teams, reporting issues on Webstar, and communicating resolution to customer (within 48 hours

Increasing Usage

· Tracking usage monthly with a view to increase usage. Highlighting (low/high) usage to internal and external stakeholders for remedial measures.

· Ensuring 15% yoy increment in the usage for 70% of the Accounts portfolio

Onboarding Customers

· Contacting within 48hrs of welcome call email from helpdesk & setting up training within a week for New users

· Conducting follow up call & setting up training as per client requirements after 3months of subscription

Student Ambassador

· Handling of student ambassadors and giving them activities on a regular basis

· Increasing visibility of LN in institutes through Student Ambassadors

Presales/Support Sales Team

· Offering Presales support to the sales team for strategic deals by conducting demonstrations of LexisNexis online products supported in India & thereby take ownership of Presales demo

Retention of Customer

· Retaining of existing customers



Education: Specialized/ Technical

· MBA or degree/diploma in law would be an added advantage.

· Prior experience in online industry preferred

· Strong communication & presentation skills


· Minimum 4 years of experience in Training (Both Internal & External Customers)

· Experience in providing trainings as well as presentations to corporate clients in a classroom environment or one to one basis & familiar with web-based training functionalities.

· Computer skills including Word, Excel, etc


· Planning & organizing, especially with keeping abreast of all information require to function.

· Time management & ability to multitask

· High levels of tenacity and EI (emotional intelligence) – pursue everything with energy, drive, agility and a need to deliver in the face of resistance

· Learning ability & an ability to quickly grasp the business process.

· Proactive with a sense of urgency

· Effective problem solving – undertakes comprehensive analysis of problems to assess most effective solutions and enlisting support of others to ensure problems are adequately solved.

· Customer focused

· Ability to work as an individual as well as a part of a team

· Self-motivated along with adaptability & flexibility

· Strong presentation skills

· Excellent Written and Verbal communication skills.